Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Distinction Evidence Can Do

On Friday I had choir. I demonstrated  leadership because I reminded Xanthe that we had choir and  I showed up on time, when the role was being called I was being respectful and listening so that I could hear my name being called. At the moment we are preparing for the music festival a lot of the songs that we have to sing for the music festival are quite difficult because the songs are sung really high and the timing of the song is tricky. My favourite songs that we are preparing for the music festival are California Dreaming, Mexican Wave and Poi e. I really like Poi e because the song is a good challenge because there are a lot of words that we have to sing really fast.


On the bus to technology
Yesterday we had technology, since our bus was a little late we had to wait  in one line outside by the car park waiting for the bus to arrive. I was being a good role model to the younger students and their parents walking past because I was being patient waiting for the bus, I was being respectful and I wasn't being really noisy. When the bus arrived we all got on I got onto the bus politely and said good morning to the bus driver, I found a seat quietly and put my bag down. I followed the rules and expectations that we have on the bus e.g. only talk to the person next to you. when we arrived at technology I got off the bus and said thank you to the bus driver, I continue to follow the expectations that our tech teachers have set for us too.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Reading prove it

WALT-Analyse similarity/difference of language/discourse within/between texts
I think I am at extended abstract because I can explain what would happen if the feature was missing and I can explain what the purpose of the feature is. I do not have a next step yet.

This is the solo taxonomy

This is the sheet that we did

Multiplicative strategies

I am learning to calculate division by using long division

Our Mihi in Afrikaans

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

WALT- To achieve our goals

One of my goals is to complete all of my leadership badges I am going very well with this goal because I have earned my merit and my excellence, my next step is to continue to blog for my distinction. Another one of my goals is to improve in my maths I have improved a lot and completed a lot of maths goals such as decimal place values, negative numbers and multiplicative strategies I have also passed a lot of other of my maths goals, my next step is to make a maths prove it for multiplicative strategies. My last goal is to try and get a leadership role I think I am going good  with this because I am completing my leadership badges and homework challenges needed to get a leadership role.

Thursday, 2 July 2015


Kapa Haka
On Friday I had Kapa Haka, since Kapa Haka is straight after Te  reo Maori I quietly walk over to the seats and put my book and my pencil case down and take my shoes off, I put my shoes neatly together so they are not in anybody's way. After I had taken my shoes off I walked respectfully and got into my line ready to listen to Matua Re Hari. The Kapa Haka group got to help make up some moves for our school song, some of the moves that Matua Re Hari made up were really funny and we all had a big laugh. I really like Kapa Haka because we get to learn new songs in a different language all the time and we get to perform in front of the community. 

Writing prove it

Stuck behind bars

My goal for writing was structure and language. I have passed this goal because I have done new paragraphs if there is a new speaker and I have structured my writing.