Thursday, 28 May 2015

Explore Authors Purpose


Today I had guitar I am working on the song one voice because Sarah, Mia and I are going to be singing in front of the school one time. Mr McCallum told me that he is going to be hiring some microphones for us. Phoebe and I learnt a new chord today the chord that we learnt was  Am Phoebe was struggling with the chord because it is quite hard so I helped her and showed her how to do it


Being a role model for the kakano
Today I got to do garden to table I got put in a group with Liam and Cassey. I was being a role model because I was listening respectfully for what to do in the garden and I was being cautious in the kitchen.I reassured Liam when he was intimidated by the older kids so that he felt safe. We made kale chips and with our food scraps we went and fed them to the chickens, Mr Wallace told us all about the chickens and how they like to be treated.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

First paragraph of my explanation writing

My career goal is to be an event manager. There are many reasons why I want to do this job such as the passion for managing things and choosing styles and designs. Therefore I think being an event manager would be a good career path for me. If I become an event manager I will be communicating with people in person and on the phone, I will also be deciding on venues, caterers, themes, styles, how many guests there will be and the menu. The job availibility for an event manager is good, the salary for this job is around about $330,000 a year. The journey to becoming an event manager starts at high school.


Monday, 25 May 2015

How I am going so far with my goals

One of my goals was to get my merit, excellence and distinction. I think I am going really well with that because I have almost got my merit badge.
Another one of my goals was to improve in my maths I have improved heaps in my maths because I am almost finished algorithms.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Student council
Today I had student council we talked about the gold coin donation  mufti day that the student council had organised. We raised over $500 these funds will be going to Nepal since they have recently had a large earthquake and over eight thousand  lives have been lost. We also talked about some of the ideas our own classes had but Mrs Trotter didn't approve of any of the ideas. I respect her point of view and other peoples opinions.


Today I had guitar I turned up on time. Phoebe and I are learning to play one voice, hallelujah, he honore, nge iwi e, Te tira mai, 12 bar blues, and knocking on heavens door. I showed respect by waiting patiently when Mr McCallum was teaching a chord to Phoebe that I already knew. Mr McCallum told Phoebe and I that we were going to be performing at the celebration of learning assembly at the end of the term I look forward to this performance.

Thursday, 14 May 2015


Today I had guitar with Mr McCallum I am learning to play hallelujah and one voice. I turned up early so I could practice before my lesson started. I helped Phoebe who is in my guitar class with some chords that she didn't know. I showed respect by listening to Mr McCallum when he was showing us a new chord and a new strumming pattern.


Student council
Today I had student council, since Mrs Trotter was away today Mrs Hall came instead.
Hannah, Ryan and I turned up early so we could discuss what we were going to talk 
about with our fellow student council members. We talked about Nepal and how it was badly 
damaged from the earthquake that they had. We came up with the idea of having a gold coin
donation mufti day for Nepal. We also talked about how much money we raised for the Vanuatu mufti 
day and how successful we were. After the meeting had ended Ryan, Hannah and I stayed during our lunchtime and made up an email to send to Mrs Birdling to ask if she could put a notice about the Nepal mufti day in the newsletter.

Negative Numbers By Meadow and Sammy W

Thursday, 7 May 2015


The white winter snow free falls perfectly down onto the ground.
The snow is like a big soft pillow. I can see children building a
snowman as tall as a tree. Whoosh kerr as the frost hardens up.
I can see smoke coming out from the chimneys, it felt as cold
as Antarctica. I sat by the fire and had a hot chocolate.
That is the end of my winter treat. Now here comes spring with
a new heat.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Helping out around the school
On Tuesday I helped out with the sausage sizzle. I could see that they were really busy so I went and offered to help serve. I was fast and efficient at serving the sausages. When the queues had subsided I went to the kitchen and helped to cut the tops off juicies so they could be served. My friends wanted me to come play with them outside but I said no because I had already offered to help with the sausage sizzle.