Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Careers board

This is my careers board I did it with Hannah, my side of the board is the left side.

Sunday, 2 August 2015


On Thursday I had guitar. Mr McCallum gave Phoebe and I a new song called Hey Soul Sister, Phoebe and I thought that it would be quite hard because it has fast changes but it was actually easy. I showed respect when Mr McCallum was telling us what we were doing well and what we need to improve on, Mr McCallum said that I was doing well with the timing and the strumming patterns but he said that I need to work on getting my fingers faster on the chord. Another song that we are doing is Let Her Go, I helped Phoebe with the strumming pattern for that song because she wasn't sure of it. I really hope to get a new song next week because I like to learn new strumming patterns and chords.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Distinction Evidence Can Do

On Friday I had choir. I demonstrated  leadership because I reminded Xanthe that we had choir and  I showed up on time, when the role was being called I was being respectful and listening so that I could hear my name being called. At the moment we are preparing for the music festival a lot of the songs that we have to sing for the music festival are quite difficult because the songs are sung really high and the timing of the song is tricky. My favourite songs that we are preparing for the music festival are California Dreaming, Mexican Wave and Poi e. I really like Poi e because the song is a good challenge because there are a lot of words that we have to sing really fast.


On the bus to technology
Yesterday we had technology, since our bus was a little late we had to wait  in one line outside by the car park waiting for the bus to arrive. I was being a good role model to the younger students and their parents walking past because I was being patient waiting for the bus, I was being respectful and I wasn't being really noisy. When the bus arrived we all got on I got onto the bus politely and said good morning to the bus driver, I found a seat quietly and put my bag down. I followed the rules and expectations that we have on the bus e.g. only talk to the person next to you. when we arrived at technology I got off the bus and said thank you to the bus driver, I continue to follow the expectations that our tech teachers have set for us too.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Reading prove it

WALT-Analyse similarity/difference of language/discourse within/between texts
I think I am at extended abstract because I can explain what would happen if the feature was missing and I can explain what the purpose of the feature is. I do not have a next step yet.

This is the solo taxonomy

This is the sheet that we did

Multiplicative strategies

I am learning to calculate division by using long division

Our Mihi in Afrikaans

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

WALT- To achieve our goals

One of my goals is to complete all of my leadership badges I am going very well with this goal because I have earned my merit and my excellence, my next step is to continue to blog for my distinction. Another one of my goals is to improve in my maths I have improved a lot and completed a lot of maths goals such as decimal place values, negative numbers and multiplicative strategies I have also passed a lot of other of my maths goals, my next step is to make a maths prove it for multiplicative strategies. My last goal is to try and get a leadership role I think I am going good  with this because I am completing my leadership badges and homework challenges needed to get a leadership role.

Thursday, 2 July 2015


Kapa Haka
On Friday I had Kapa Haka, since Kapa Haka is straight after Te  reo Maori I quietly walk over to the seats and put my book and my pencil case down and take my shoes off, I put my shoes neatly together so they are not in anybody's way. After I had taken my shoes off I walked respectfully and got into my line ready to listen to Matua Re Hari. The Kapa Haka group got to help make up some moves for our school song, some of the moves that Matua Re Hari made up were really funny and we all had a big laugh. I really like Kapa Haka because we get to learn new songs in a different language all the time and we get to perform in front of the community. 

Writing prove it

Stuck behind bars

My goal for writing was structure and language. I have passed this goal because I have done new paragraphs if there is a new speaker and I have structured my writing.

Friday, 26 June 2015


Today after school I had my weekly guitar lesson with Mr McCallum we have been practicing a lot for our Celebration of Learning Assembly. I am looking forward to performing Hallalujah and Nga Iwi E tomorrow. I have been working particularly to perfect my strumming patterns and changing chords fluently. I showed respect by listening to what I am meant to be working on and I will be doing some guitar practice during the holidays.


Getting involved
I show leadership because I get involved in a variety of activities such as guitar, school band, Kapa Haka and Choir. I enjoy participating in a variety of activities around the school, it gives me the opportunity to get to know other students around the school, especially the Kakano team. These activities also allow me the opportunity to express my love of arts and culture outside of the class room. I look forward to my continued involvement at school over the next 2 years.


Today I had Kapa Haka I showed respect while Matua Rihari was telling us what order our items went in for the show. We kept going over the actions and Whakataka te Hau until we got them all right. We learnt a new song I really enjoyed it. It is to do with our school. I consistently show leadership because I turn up on time for Kapa Haka every week, I try my best with all the songs and actions that we do and I go home and practice the songs. At home I help my brother with the actions and give him some feedback on what I thought he did good and what he can improve on.

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Today after school I had my guitar lesson with Mr McCallum. We are still working towards our performance next week at the Celebration of Learning Assembly. I will be playing the guitar while the choir sings. I will also be playing the guitar while we sing Nga iwi E. As Mr McCallum had a little bit of extra time after my lesson today he taught me how to play a simple 4 count on the drums.


Student Council
Today we had our weekly Student Council meeting. Ryan and Hannah had set the agenda. Today we discussed getting more devices for the year 4's and more Chromebooks for the year 7 and 8's. I continue to demonstrate my CARE values by turning up on time, contributing to the discussions, showing respect to others whilst they are talking and accepting Mrs Trotters point of view.


Role Model for Kakano Team
Today I was a positive role model for the Kakano Team when they were running their cross country. I cheered them on when they ran past me. When some of the kids were looking tired I encouraged them positively to keep on running. I showed good leadership to them by wearing correct uniform.

Friday, 19 June 2015


Student Council
Yesterday we had our weekly Student Council meeting. We talked about everyone in the whole school bringing in old books, clothes and toys to donate to worthy charities, such as Ronald McDonald House, Salvation Army. This is to be discussed further at our next meeting. We also discussed further to last weeks meeting about getting more devices for Kauri. We talked about the  positive and negative aspects of getting these.


Kapa haka
Today I had kapa haka we have been working really hard because the celebration of learning is coming up soon.
We have been trying to work on the second part of whakataka Te hau and today we got it right.


On Thursday I had guitar with Mr McCallum, we had a bit of spare time before my lesson began so I helped him to put way the instruments. Then we started by tuning our guitars. He taught me a song called ' Let Her Go' which I really wanted to learn. I played it on the Guitar and Mr McCallum played it on the piano. I really enjoy my lessons and have made a lot of progress so far this year playing the guitar.


Helping out around the school
On Tuesday the pta ran a sausage sizzle. I was showing leadership because I helped
sell juices and at the end I helped put all of the gear away under the stage like the
trestle tables and the boxes.

Friday, 12 June 2015


Student Council
Yesterday we had a Student Council meeting. I showed leadership by turning up on time and not forgetting to go to my meetings. We discussed our ideas of getting a hockey turf, we decided that it may cost too much money. We then discussed the possibility of getting devices such as iPad's, iPod's for the Kauri classes. I felt it was a productive meeting as we all shared our thoughts respectfully.


Kapa Haka
At Kapa Haka today we spent time going over whakataka te Hau, because we really needed to practice the second part of it, I showed leadership qualities by performing my best in front of the younger students. We practiced poi and I helped a year 5 and some year 6 girls. I really enjoy doing the poi and really look forward to be able to use long poi next year.

Thursday, 11 June 2015


On the bus to technology

I was being respectful because I listened to Miss O'Connor and sat three to a seat, I only talked to the people who I was sitting next too. I was  quiet so the bus driver could concentrate on driving and I was polite to the bus driver and said thank you when I got off the bus.


Today I had guitar with Mr McCullam we are still learning Knocking on Heaven's Door and One voice. I continue to show respect by turning up on time to my lessons and show leadership by being a good role model in front of Pheobe. I am looking forward to performing in front of the school at Celebration of Learning Assembly.

Sunday, 7 June 2015


Kauri Event
Today we had training for Koru Games, I showed respect by listening to my Mum ( coach), she gave us some drills to do I worked well with my team mates. Mum asked each of us what our desired outcome was for Koru Games, I listened carefully to other people's ideas and most of us would like to win and and have fun too.


Kapa haka

On Friday I had kapa haka. We have started to practice for the end of term celebration assembly, we are going to sing whakataka te hau, he honore and pa mai. We still have a lot of practice to do because some of the younger kids don't know the actions to pa mai. I am very excited for the end of term assembly and I have been practicing a lot at home for kapa haka especially with our new poi routine.

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Student council
Today I had student council, since Hannah wasn't here today I took on her role of being the secretary.
We talked about bringing some of our old books or old toys to give to people who need it more than us. We also talked about having a wacky Wednesday for the kakano this would consist of the kakano coming in a wacky hair do. We talked about a hockey turf being put in behind the senior playground there is ongoing discussion around this.


Today I had guitar. Mr McCallum told me that Phoebe wasn't going to be there today so it was just him and I. We played hallelujah,he honore and knocking on heavens door. Mr McCallum let me try out the drums and the percussionists I was very self aware, respectful and careful when I was using them so that nothing would happen to them. Mr McCallum told me that next term in music the girls class will get to make up tunes with the percussionists and perform them to the class at music.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Explore Authors Purpose


Today I had guitar I am working on the song one voice because Sarah, Mia and I are going to be singing in front of the school one time. Mr McCallum told me that he is going to be hiring some microphones for us. Phoebe and I learnt a new chord today the chord that we learnt was  Am Phoebe was struggling with the chord because it is quite hard so I helped her and showed her how to do it


Being a role model for the kakano
Today I got to do garden to table I got put in a group with Liam and Cassey. I was being a role model because I was listening respectfully for what to do in the garden and I was being cautious in the kitchen.I reassured Liam when he was intimidated by the older kids so that he felt safe. We made kale chips and with our food scraps we went and fed them to the chickens, Mr Wallace told us all about the chickens and how they like to be treated.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

First paragraph of my explanation writing

My career goal is to be an event manager. There are many reasons why I want to do this job such as the passion for managing things and choosing styles and designs. Therefore I think being an event manager would be a good career path for me. If I become an event manager I will be communicating with people in person and on the phone, I will also be deciding on venues, caterers, themes, styles, how many guests there will be and the menu. The job availibility for an event manager is good, the salary for this job is around about $330,000 a year. The journey to becoming an event manager starts at high school.


Monday, 25 May 2015

How I am going so far with my goals

One of my goals was to get my merit, excellence and distinction. I think I am going really well with that because I have almost got my merit badge.
Another one of my goals was to improve in my maths I have improved heaps in my maths because I am almost finished algorithms.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Student council
Today I had student council we talked about the gold coin donation  mufti day that the student council had organised. We raised over $500 these funds will be going to Nepal since they have recently had a large earthquake and over eight thousand  lives have been lost. We also talked about some of the ideas our own classes had but Mrs Trotter didn't approve of any of the ideas. I respect her point of view and other peoples opinions.


Today I had guitar I turned up on time. Phoebe and I are learning to play one voice, hallelujah, he honore, nge iwi e, Te tira mai, 12 bar blues, and knocking on heavens door. I showed respect by waiting patiently when Mr McCallum was teaching a chord to Phoebe that I already knew. Mr McCallum told Phoebe and I that we were going to be performing at the celebration of learning assembly at the end of the term I look forward to this performance.

Thursday, 14 May 2015


Today I had guitar with Mr McCallum I am learning to play hallelujah and one voice. I turned up early so I could practice before my lesson started. I helped Phoebe who is in my guitar class with some chords that she didn't know. I showed respect by listening to Mr McCallum when he was showing us a new chord and a new strumming pattern.


Student council
Today I had student council, since Mrs Trotter was away today Mrs Hall came instead.
Hannah, Ryan and I turned up early so we could discuss what we were going to talk 
about with our fellow student council members. We talked about Nepal and how it was badly 
damaged from the earthquake that they had. We came up with the idea of having a gold coin
donation mufti day for Nepal. We also talked about how much money we raised for the Vanuatu mufti 
day and how successful we were. After the meeting had ended Ryan, Hannah and I stayed during our lunchtime and made up an email to send to Mrs Birdling to ask if she could put a notice about the Nepal mufti day in the newsletter.

Negative Numbers By Meadow and Sammy W

Thursday, 7 May 2015


The white winter snow free falls perfectly down onto the ground.
The snow is like a big soft pillow. I can see children building a
snowman as tall as a tree. Whoosh kerr as the frost hardens up.
I can see smoke coming out from the chimneys, it felt as cold
as Antarctica. I sat by the fire and had a hot chocolate.
That is the end of my winter treat. Now here comes spring with
a new heat.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Helping out around the school
On Tuesday I helped out with the sausage sizzle. I could see that they were really busy so I went and offered to help serve. I was fast and efficient at serving the sausages. When the queues had subsided I went to the kitchen and helped to cut the tops off juicies so they could be served. My friends wanted me to come play with them outside but I said no because I had already offered to help with the sausage sizzle.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Kauri event
Koru games practice

Today at school we had Koru games practice I am doing touch. I showed respect because I listened when someone was talking.I showed leadership because I came up with ideas on how we could improve and what we did well, I also participated and tried my best in every activity.

Decimal Place Values

ordering decimals

Thursday, 23 April 2015


Student council
Today I had student council I showed leadership by showing up on time. 
I respectfully listened to others while they shared their ideas.
Today we received our badges and folders I was very grateful and used my manners when I received them.Mrs Trotter gave me some pieces of paper to hand out so I did that nicely. I shall demonstrate that I am responsible by looking after my folder and badge.


Getting involved
I have been getting involved a lot around the school because I do a variety of different activities such as guitar, choir, kapa haka, student council and various other activities. I continually demonstrate that I am responsible by turning up to my activities on time and participate fully in all my activities.

Monday, 20 April 2015

My goal for this term

My goal for this term is to remember to turn up to librarian every second week because if you miss 2 weeks you cant be a librarian anymore. Remembering to turn up to librarian shows responsibility and leadership.

Sunday, 29 March 2015


This year I started guitar with Mr MacCallum. I have showed up on time to every practice and last Monday I got to play guitar with him in front of the whole school. At the moment we are learning how to play  Knocking on heavens door, 12 Bar blues and some strumming patterns.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Reflecting on my goals

I think I have already improved heaps in my maths because I know my decimal place values and I know most of my times tables. I am going good with my leadership badges because I have done 3 of my home learning challenges and I have done some blog post.

Thursday, 26 March 2015


Student council
On Tuesday I had student council.I showed up on time and listened respectfully to what other people had to say. Since Ryan the chair person was away and I am the vice chair person I got to run student council. I think I did well because I used my manners and was polite.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Run bike run

Merit evidence must do:
On Friday the kauri team had run bike run, we did it at the Halswell Domain. I was being a good leader and a role model because when we had to walk to the Halswell Domain I was staying in line and I was crossing the road at the right time. I did the run bike run with Isabella we didn't get in the top ten but we still tried our best. When we joined in the activities I showed respect by listening to the house captains and followed the rules.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Student Council
Today we had our second Student Council meeting. I got elected to be Vice Chairperson, I am very excited to take on this role.
We had discussions about what we would like to achieve within the Student Council this year. There were a lot of fundraising ideas the good ones were recorded by the secretary Hannah.

Peer mediation

Merit evidence can do:
Yesterday I had peer mediation with Emma and Emily. Peer mediation is where you have specific days that you are on. Emma, Emily and I are on a Friday at lunchtime. We have areas that we oversee our area is the courts and the junior area. I was being a good role model because even though it was really hot yesterday I kept my hat on and followed the school rules. As a peer mediator my job is to help anyone out who are having disagreements over gear or over a game or over something like that. Over the past 3 weeks I have remembered to show up to peer mediation and I have been on time.


Going on the bus to technology
Today on the bus to technology I was being a good role model and a leader because I was showing respect by only talking to the person next to me and I wasn't being loud. I also used my manners towards the bus driver because I said thank you to him. I waited patiently and let other people off the bus before me.

Friday, 13 March 2015

A Miracle

WALT:Use punctuation correctly in my writing.
Here I am again sitting and waiting in a hospital bed.
Hi my name is August I am 6 years old and I have never been to school because I am home schooled. There is something wrong with my face that makes me look weird ,you see since my mum is so over protective she won't let me go to school because she thinks I will get made fun of, which is probably true. But I have still always wondered what school would be like. I have an older sister her name is Via she is very caring. I have a dad called Nate and my mum Isabelle who I mentioned earlier.
"Hi August how are you doing."
Mum ran over to me and gave me a hug.I was in the hospital getting surgery on my face again.
"Hi mum."
I was kind of sad and happy at the same time. I was sad because I didn't want to be spending my holidays in a hospital and I was happy because Via, Dad and Mum were finally here. The docter walked in he wanted to speak with mum and dad, they walked out of the room and started to talk mum and dad looked excited.
"Ugh finally." I said with annoyance.
"August don't be rude." Said Mum.
"What you took for ages." I said.
"Guess what August." Said mum excitedly
"What." I said with a bit of hope.
"You get to go home." Mum said.
"Really are you serious." I said hoping she was telling the truth.
"Yes I am serious." Said Mum.
I was so excited I jumped out of the depressing hospital bed.
"OUCH." I yelled.
"What's wrong?" Mum said caringly.
"My face." I said.
"Oh its ok you just got a little to excited." Dad said.
I went and got changed while Mum packed my belongings up. When I was changed I went back to my hospital room to watch Mum pack the rest of my things.
While I was waiting I saw a packet of peanuts at the end of the bed, I was quite hungry so I went and grabbed the packet of peanuts. I went back and sat down then opened the bright shiny packet of peanuts.
I put one in my mouth then all of a sudden my face started swelling up, I felt so dizzy, I could barely breathe. Why does it feel so hot? I thought to myself. Finally Mum noticed, she ran over to me.
"What's wrong Auggie?" Mum said scared.
"ugh ugh." I was trying to breathe.
"Its the peanuts, he must be allergic." Said Via, picking up the packet of peanuts.
"Quick , quick emergency, emergency." Dad screamed while pressing the bright red button for a doctor.
All the doctors ran in so quickly.
"What happened?" one of the Doctor's asked.
"He was eating peanuts, he must be allergic to them or something" Mum said.
"Ok, quick get him on a bed we will take him down to the emergency room!" The Doctor exclaimed.
"Will he be alright?" Mum asked, worried.
"He should be." Replied the Doctor.
They wheeled me down on the bed as fast as they could, asking everyone to move out of their way down to the Emergency Room. I felt like I was going to fall asleep that moment. Then everything went blank.
I woke up, I was in the emergency room I had lots of different things attached to my body. I can't even begin to explain what on earth it all is. Mum, Dad and Via were sitting there, Mum was crying while Dad and Via were trying to comfort her. Then Mum saw that I was awake, she raced over to me and knelt down beside me.
"What happened?" I asked, trying to wake up.
Mum said crying "Listen Auggie you had an allergic reaction to peanuts and it was so serious you could die."
"What?" I said starting to cry.
"Mum there must be something we can do." I said interrupting her.
"Well Auggie, there is one thing we can do."
"What , what is it?" I yelled.
"There is a special surgery that you can get, but it is a longshot, it hasn't worked on anybody yet." Mum explained.
"Well I have to have the surgery! its worth a shot, isn't it?" I paused " Mum, isn't it?" I started to cry.
"Well Auggie there is another problem." Mum said.
"What is it?" I asked.
"The surgery costs a lot of money and I just don't think we can afford it." Mum said.
I felt like I had just been shot with a bullet right through my heart, it was that horrible.
"But, but I don't want to die! Can't you have a fundraiser or something please." I begged.
"Okay but that means I won't be able to come and see you as often." said Mum.
"Okay but please try and raise as much money as you can." I said.
"We have to go now Auggie." Mum said.
Mum, Dad and Via were packing up while I got a massive headache but I didn't tell anyone because I could tell that Via had, had enough.
"Bye Auggie." Mum said, as she kissed me on the forehead.
I was disappointed they were leaving, but I was to tired to barely say anything. I decided I needed to have a rest so I had a nap.
The next day Mum, Dad and Via were busy fundraising, they decided to have a car wash. They called it the Save August Carwash.
Ring ring, I was getting a call from Mum. I picked up the phone and said "Hello."
"Hi Auggie how is it going?" Asked Mum.
"Good I guess." I answered.
"The carwash is going great we are up to $900." Mum said excitedly.
"And how much do we need to raise?" I asked.
"$1000." Mum answered.
"Oh my gosh! we are so close to getting my longshot surgery." I said, hoping she would laugh.
"Haha okay Auggie I've got to go now, bye." Said Mum.
She sounded excited, I was sort of excited too.
Later that day, Via came barging into my hospital room "Auggie we raised enough money so you can get your longshot surgery!" She exclaimed.
I was so excited that I almost wet my pants!
"Now all we need is a miracle, if the surgery works you will be the miracle child!" Exclaimed Dad.
I thought that name was a little corny and lame.
"I am going to talk to the Doctor and hopefully you can get your surgery tonight." Said Mum, then she walked out the door.
I was very nervous because what if the surgery doesn't work and what if it hurts a lot! Mum walked in and said that I can get the surgery tonight. This made me even more nervous.
Later on that night, it is about 9pm I am sitting there and waiting watching the hours go by, tick tock, tick tock, waiting to be called in for surgery. I was so nervous now, my legs were shaking and my heart was beating incredibly fast.
"August." The Doctor said.
Mum, Dad, Via and I started walking into the operating theatre, the Doctor asked me to lye on the bed. So I lay down.
"Now August I'm going to put a mask on you."
"Okay." I answered.
"Just relax August I am going to put the laughing gas on now." Said the Surgeon.
Then I started laughing randomly for no reason.
"Why is he laughing so much?" Asked Via.
"Its the laughing gas." explained Mum.
"Okay, August now I am going to put the nice smelling gas that helps you go to sleep." Said the Surgeon.
Suddenly I felt myself dozing off, I couldn't concentrate on anything, apart from the fact that I was falling asleep. I hated the feeling, I started thrusting my head back and forth trying to get the mask off. Then my eyes started to close.
When I woke up I was in a different room. Mum, Dad and Via were crying. Oh no, the surgery didn't work I thought. I am going to DIE! I could die tomorrow, next month or even next year. I started freaking out. Then Via noticed that I was awake and tapped Mum on the shoulder.
Mum ran over to me and said "Hey my miracle child."
"What?" I asked.
"The surgery, it worked!" Exclaimed Via.
"Oh, no way." I said in astonishment.
"Yes way." Dad said excitedly.
"Does that mean we can go home?" I asked.
"It sure does." Said Mum.