Thursday, 11 September 2014

The house on the corner

It all started on a cold, windy day I was walking home from school with my best friend Nicole, we had just reached the corner of Smith Street which was where I lived.While we were walking all of a sudden Nicole stopped and stared at the house on the corner,"I dare you to go in"Nicole said
"But I don't want to,"I shouted.
"Ok ok I will go in then,"I said quietly.

I started walking up the broken path.You could tell that no one lived there, the garden was over grown and the mail box was smashed.Finally I reached the door,it was really old and the lock had rusted up.Then I opened the door.There was a million thoughts running through my head,what if I don't make it out what will happen?BAM!The door slammed shut behind me,I ran to the door to see if I could still get out.The door wouldn't open so I decided to have a look around the house.For awhile I was standing in the main entrance under the glass chandelier deciding which way to go.Finally I decided to go into the living room. As I walked in I noticed that the fireplace was going and above the fireplace  I noticed that there was a picture of a man that had eyes that felt like he was glaring at you.

I left the living room. I decided to go up the stairs, just about every step that I walked up it creaked.Finally I reached the top my heart was pounding I was so nervous I could hardly breath.I tip toed very slowly up to one of the doors, I took a deep breath then walked in.The room was filled with old dolls, creepy paintings and a really scary clown sitting on an old couch staring right at me, I ran out of the room.Down the end of the hall I saw something moving towards me, it was a doll. "La la la la," the doll sang.

Aaah! I screamed. I ran down the stairs so fast I tripped,I face planted in the main entrance right under the glass chandelier.CRASH! All of a sudden everything went pitch black.Then I woke up. I was lying on a hospital bed.Mum was there and so was Nicole they were talking to the nurse.I thought to myself what happened?

                                              THE END

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